Nourishing & organic prepared meal delivery.

The business philosophy at Roots of Health centers on these 4 principles:

Pleasure: First and foremost, food is meant to be experienced with pleasure. We carefully craft our meals in small batches, using lots of fresh herbs and spices, making it easy for our customers to have a positive, delectable food experience.

Nourishment: This is where we shine. Our food is local & seasonal where possible to increase its nutrient value, including both animal and vegetable protein; a mix of raw fermented and naturally high fiber foods, using mineral rich high gelatin bone broth as a base of our sauces, soups, stews and curries.

Sustainability: It’s important to us to have an environmentally responsible business and to continually increase our use and promotion of sustainable food, product & packaging. We support organic farmers and local fisherfolk, source local organic products whenever possible and use re-usable, recyclable or compostable materials both in our kitchen and for our meal delivery.

Education: We love educating our customers on where their food comes from, how food can improve their health and how to best prepare it to highlight its flavour. We want you to be as excited and informed about food as we are!

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