Kerri Cooper, Founder, Nutritionist, Recipe Developer & Cook

Kerri is a holistic nutritionist and self trained cook. After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and completing an internship in a hospital cardiac unit in 2002, Kerri realized she needed to find a more alternative career in healthcare. One that focused on disease prevention and the promotion of real, good food.

This led her on a journey to find the true meaning of health, and to find a career that combined her science and health background with her love of food. Kerri worked, ate and travelled across the United States, volunteered on a biodynamic farm on Vancouver Island, and eventually planted roots back home in Toronto where she began school at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, graduating with honours in 2007. Her years in Toronto have been spent connecting with food producers, farmers and natural health promoters, working in restaurants, testing out new recipes, building her nutrition and meal delivery business and learning how to grow an edible garden.

As a cook, Kerri loves highlighting her favourite foods, telling its story and connecting her customers to where the food comes from. She strives to continuously feed her customers the type of food she loves: soulful, nourishing, diverse and creative.

Sean MacFayden, Chef

A natural born cook, Sean has been active in the kitchen since he was a child and working in professional kitchens since he was 12. Sean comes from a family of foodies, his two brothers are also accomplished professional cooks and his parents are both talented home cooks and lovers of food.

Starting in the kitchen as a dishwasher, Sean shortly moved up to a line cook as a teenager, later becoming barbeque chef at Allen’s restaurant in Toronto grilling the finest meats Toronto has to offer and training under the talented chef Constance Guitard at the small Bistro Weezies in Corktown. In 2013 he moved to London England to help a friend open and run a gastro pub. In addition to being Roots of Health’s head chef, he helps run the kitchen at Butchers of Distinction, purveyors of fine meat in Toronto’s east end.

Roots of Health is thrilled to have Sean’s expertise, passion, creativity and dedication in the kitchen each week and to help take ROH to the next level.