A Stock to Invest In

There is nothing as nourishing, satisfying or delicious as a bowl of homemade soup. And what makes a delicious homemade soup but a homemade stock? Most people don’t realize how truly amazing stocks are to our health. If stocks are missing from your diet your health is truly missing out.

Homemade meat stocks are packed with easy to assimilate minerals in the form of electrolytes your body uses for energy. The gelatin, marrow, cartilage and collagen that are released during cooking are extremely medicinal and have been shown to treat ailments such as indigestion, intestinal disorders, arthritis, bone and blood diseases, and cancer. This is one powerful way to use your leftover bones!

In cosmo magazine style, here are the

Top 5 reasons for making your own meat stock:

1. It’s cheap. In fact it’s practically free. Ask your butcher for bones or use leftover bones from tonight’s or last night’s dinner.

2. It’s environmental. For those of us that are conscious about the meat we eat, we can feel better knowing we are not throwing out valuable portions of the animal that can benefit our health greatly.

3. Its good for the Gut. Chicken stock contains a natural component that repairs and calms the mucous lining in the small intestine (who’s inner lining is the beginning and ending of the nervous system). In addition, gelatin, present in a well prepared meat stock aids digestion and treats intestinal disorders such as crohn’s disease, colitis, and infant diarrhea.

4. It fights bacteria. Homemade soup really does fight the common cold. Meat broth has been shown to decrease the severity of infectious diseases, providing continuous protection from various health disorders.

5. Its great for your bones and joints. Homemade meat stock is the best remedy for arthritis. Cartilage and collagen have been used to treat bone disorders, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. What better way to ingest this medicine than in the form of an easily absorbable electrolyte in your own meat stock?

And if that is not enough reason to make meat stock than remember that it also adds great flavour to your food! Use stock as a base to your sauces and gravies, to baste your meat, to sauce your vegetables and to fill up your house with an aroma of love and nourishment!

Be sure to read the blog below for a chicken stock recipe packed with miraculous gelatin and other good for you ingredients.

Posted on Sunday January 23, 2011 by Kerri Cooper