Celebrating 3 Years of Meal Delivery!

In June of 2013, after 2 years of cooking on the side for family, friends and nutrition clients to supplement my nutrition consulting business, it became clear to me that while people WANTED to learn about nutrition, health, and how to cook and care for themselves, what they REALLY WANTED (and needed) was someone to do the cooking for them! I knew I needed to make a bold move and commit to running a meal delivery company full time. But how?

Thanks to my good friend Rebekka from Alchemy Pickles, I was introduced to a special place called The Depanneur. ‘The Dep’ as we call it, offers a health-inspected community kitchen and gives start-up food companies a supportive place to get started in the food industry. I decided to move my few pots and pans, many spices, beans and legumes and a handful of scribbled down recipes into The Depanneur and it’s been home to Roots of Health Meal Delivery ever since!

The Depanneur kitchen is an amazing place. There are a lot of interesting things happening in their café every day: drop-in dinners, supper clubs, food workshops and most recently a newcomer kitchen for Syrian refugees who, living in hotels, are given a space to make homemade meals for their families (and sell the extra to the public). There has been some great press about this recently (including the Washington Post and Globe and Mail), and the spotlight on this hub for interesting & diverse food experiences is well-deserved!

As we look ahead to the near and far future for Roots of Health, we are proud to have The Depanneur as our first home, and are thankful for all the support and guidance we have received from the community over the years.

A lot has changed over the past three years in the Toronto food scene. The demand for healthy prepared meals is growing and meal delivery is becoming a thing! We know you have choices, and we are so glad you choose us!

Here are some of the ways we are committed to being different than the rest:

  • We are a small family-owned company (my now hubby Sean came on board in 2014), not a food start-up company with a group of investors and shareholders. We are committed to staying small enough that we never have to compromise our values or the quality of ingredients. What you don’t get in flashy order technology and marketing, we give you in our commitment to providing only the best, made from scratch dishes with the most wholesome, local, seasonal and organic ingredients we can find.
  • We create a new menu each week, with you and your family in mind. While it would be much easier to offer the same items over and over- that wouldn’t be any fun for you, or for us! We are inspired by local ingredients and global flavours, and like to keep our dishes interesting, diverse and current!
  • We cater as much as we can to food allergies and sensitivities to help make eating nourishing food easier! Our menu is naturally gluten free, and we cater to dairy, corn and egg sensitivities and allergies.
  • We offer a sustainable and conscious food choice for people who want to eat meat but care about how it was raised. We use only ethically and naturally raised meat and poultry from small Ontario farms, including free range chicken, grass-fed dry aged beef, heritage pork, wild or sustainably farmed fish and the eggs we use are from grass-fed pastured hens.
  • We love being connected to our community of farmers, cooks, butchers, food producers, gardeners and foodie customers. Our goal is to continuously improve our product, our connection with local farmers and our relationship with our customers. We believe if we can do a better job of that each day, along with living and promoting a healthy lifestyle, we will continue to be supported doing what we love.
  • We are always here for you. We want to know what you loved, what you didn’t love so much and how we can keep getting better at providing you with delicious healthy meals that make your life easier. If you have any ideas of how we can continuously improve our food and service, please send us a note – we want to hear from you!

Why do we work so hard!? Because we love what we do – we are passionate about food, farmers and food security. We feel blessed that we have the opportunity to help our Toronto neighbors enjoy healthy, sustainable and inspiring meals that fit their lifestyle. We hope ordering from ROH provides a rich and pleasurable eating experience.

Posted on Monday July 11, 2016 by Kerri Cooper