Happy Holidays!

Taking nutrition advice over the holidays doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice joy and happiness by missing out on all the sweets, treats and good eats. Sometimes all it means knowing some the tricks of the trade to having your shortbread and eating it too!

Here are a few secrets that will help you get through the mounds of sugar and mulled wine this season without coming out sick, hung-over, wearing elastic waistband pants or throwing yourself into a guilty depression post New Years!

Holiday Tip #1. Strive for Balance

For every hour of dinner or cocktail partying, make sure to balance the scale at home with an hour of healthy eating, lots of deep breathing and some exercise. Drink some hot water with lemon every morning; eat a fibrous breakfast of steel cut oats with raw nuts and seeds; and take time every day to get some stress free exercising (this does not include dodging through crowds at shopping malls)-even if it’s just a walk through the freshly fallen snow at night.

Holiday Tip #2. Hangover Cure

Just kidding. There is no magic pill out there that can erase shots of spiced rum mixed with peppermintinis and late night scotch. The best cure is in the prevention. Don’t skip your multivitamin on the day of a get together and take some extra B vitamins and vitamin C to replace what you will later lose after a few drinks. Drink a glass of water between cocktails and make sure you are eating enough food to buffer the effect of any alcohol. Post party, drink some liver cleansing herbal teas such as burdock, red clover, or milk thistle.

Holiday Tip #3 Spice and Everything Nice

Your pantry is armed with an array of tools to keep your immune system robust-even with all the abuse that all that sugar will take on it. Simmer some ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and green tea in a pot of water on your stove and stir in fresh lemon and raw honey before drinking for a delicious, warming immunity boosting drink.

Holiday Tip # 4 Probiotics

Probiotics are your best friend this holiday season. They will help combat the effect of overindulgence in sugar and breads and make sure your digestive system stays on track. You can also get probiotics in your food through natural yogurt and kefir. Try yogurt with raw walnuts, raw honey and chopped apple for a delicious snack before heading to the party hungry.

Follow these 4 easy tips and make this holiday season unforgettable and unregrettable!

Posted on Wednesday December 15, 2010 by Kerri Cooper