Real Food For Real Cats

I still find myself constantly amazed when I see such clear examples of how powerful food can be on our state of being. I recently watched an accidental experiment with my cat proving such a point. I had been giving my cat, Gracie, some leftover turkey from the holidays in exchange for the wet food I give her in the morning. It wasn’t until I switched back to the canned meat and gravy food (the highest quality that money can buy of course) that I noticed how her energy levels plummeted and she was doing nothing but sleeping all day. Now she is an older cat, mind you, and does spend much of her day sleeping, but I actually thought she was sick because that was literally all she was doing. I found myself wondering if it was the canned food.

Then today the point was driven home for me. I was cooking some chicken noodle soup and decided to give Gracie a nice big chunk of raw chicken for a treat. Not only did she love it but she was sprinting around the house like a kitten, playing and wanting to go outside in the cold and snow and run around. And instead of sleeping all day long she is hanging out with me, looking out the window, wanting to go outside, playing a bit and just generally being a healthy cat. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I don’t exactly recommend my clients to live on canned or dried food, so why would it bring vibrant health to my cat? Funny how such obvious points need to be driven home over and over sometimes just to remember the obvious. Real whole foods bring life and energy-to humans and to animals.

Who would have thunk.

Posted on Saturday January 08, 2011 by Kerri Cooper