The Switch Witch

The final days of October are here, and along with it, one of my favourite holidays, Halloween! I admit it is quite paradoxical for a nutritionist’s favourite holiday to be one where children run the streets filling garbage bags full of processed, artificial flavoured and sugar laden candy. While I’m not a fan of the processed candy, I have always loved carving pumpkins, making pumpkin pie and the fun of dressing up as someone or something else for the day. There is also a great sense of community in the air as all the parents fill the dark night with their adorably costumed children, meeting their neighbors, often for the first time, and exchanging mini gifts (however unwholesome). So while saving my breathe about the real horrors of Halloween (that those artificial flavoured, coloured, preserved and super sweet candies and chocolates that wreak havok on your and your child’s immune, neurological and inflammatory systems, and cause additional cravings for sugar and evoke hyperactivity), I may have a creative solution for all you parents out there who are concerned about the same thing but don’t want their children to miss out completely, “The Switch Witch”.

The idea is to give your children a decided amount of chosen candy (so not to spoil their fun, nor run the risk of attention deficit or mood disorder for the next month) and then offer up the remainder of their bag to the “Switch Witch”. If they are lucky, the Switch Witch will come out that night and take their bag of candy and ‘switch’ it for a little present. Brilliant compromise, heh? The trick is to not eat that bag of candy yourself, as it will do everyone better in the trash. :)

Posted on Thursday October 29, 2009 by Kerri Cooper