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‘I love Kerri! I am a busy working mom of four kids and I value good nutrition over almost anything. My problem is that I struggle to find the time to shop for and prepare the kind of meals that I think we all need to keep up with our fast-paced lives. Kerri has literally saved me! My sister and I call her the “food fairy” because every week, incredibly delicious, freshly prepared food arrives at our doorstep and we can rest easy knowing that the nutrition we crave for our families will be on hand. The only person who I haven’t told my little secret to is my mother-in-law who continues to be awe-struck at what a fantastic cook I am despite my busy schedule!’

- Gillian, Toronto

‘Carefully crafted menus provide a weekly surprise for lucky clients of Kerri Cooper’s Roots of Health prepared meals. Ms. Cooper’s attention to individual diet requests make her service a unique answer for an underserved market.’

- A.G., Toronto

‘I really appreciate having your food service available to me during my busy week.The meals you prepare are so nutritious, full of flavour and make me feel satiated every time. Not to mention the convenience of having fully cooked meals ready for the week, I couldn’t buy meals like this at a grocery store or a restaurant and I sure can’t cook like you. You make it so easy to eat healthy, savory meals without compromising on flavour.’

- Margaret, Toronto

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‘I have been ordering from Roots of Health delivery service for about a year. We are a busy working family with two small children, and I can’t express how much we appreciate Kerri’s service. After a long, busy day it is so wonderful to not have to plan, shop and prepare a meal, and we can get dinner on the table for our family as soon as we get home from work. We’ve tried other meal delivery services in the past, but Kerri’s service is very unique as her food is not only delicious, but also wholesome and healthy. The menu options offered are very creative and surprising, and we’ve introduced lots of new food to our children while also having something exciting to enjoy ourselves. I also should add that Kerri’s salads are an excellent, healthy option for taking a packed lunch to work. My co-workers are always jealous when I unpack one of Kerri’s salads while they’re stuck with fast food take-out. We highly recommend Roots of Health, and look forward to many more convenient, healthy, and scrumptious meals!’

- Sam M, Toronto

My health has definitely improved and I see long-lasting changes from the work we did together. I generally feel healthy, definitely do not get sick as much as I did and I just feel so connected with my body, food and environment. You were truly instrumental in my health journey, thank you!

- Kristina, Colorado (Skype client)

I just wanted to thank you Kerri for doing the impossible. I actually hide your salads from my husband so I can binge on them. I used to binge on poutine and now I binge on salads?!!!

I’m also so happy and relieved that I know my children are eating well and I have the knowledge on how to provide them with healthy snacks and meals.

Thank you for taking care of my family.

- Audrey, Toronto

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I have been a loyal client since the inception of Roots of Health. I believe in the philosophy of the company and the importance of eating local, seasonal, nutritious and homemade food. With the long hours I work, and my desire to spend free time being active or social, I do not make the time (nor really have the desire), to cook for myself. I have therefore ordered food consistently, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, since 2011. I have hired Roots of Health for catering events and have purchased ROH gift certificates for weddings (specifically grocery tours & food delivery service), and gifts to new parents (post-natal nutrition & solid food transition). The feedback that I’ve received from my friends and colleagues has been exceptional.

I admire the professionalism and knowledge of Kerri and her staff; their desire to share and educate their clients on current news in nutrition; and the high quality, flavour and variety of the food that is offered.

The Roots of Health website & blog has inspired me to be a more conscious consumer; keeping sustainable & ethical food practices and environmentally friendly cosmetics and lotions in the forefront of my mind.

I am a strong advocate and huge supporter of this local company. I give wholeheartedly my highest recommendation to Roots of Health Nutrition.

- Tammy, Toronto

Selina Whittaker Photography
‘Just a short note to tell you how much we enjoy your weekly selections of fresh and delicious cuisine. The skill and imagination that you put into your dishes using fresh local produce is what keeps us coming back week after week. On a personal note, my Doctor gave me the results of my physical last week. He said that “as a 65 year old, I have the cholesterol, blood pressure and prostate of a healthy 30 year old”. I am convinced that my much improved health is directly due to your healthy meals. Can’t wait to receive next week’s meals.’

- David and Diane, Toronto

‘Your divine Dahl soothed my soul! It was so warm and comforting’

- Lindsay, Toronto

‘Even those of us who love to cook need some help, and to get amazing meals that are healthy from a take-out service is not easy. Enter Kerri Cooper. Every week her menu is varied, and interesting! As someone with a variety of food sensitivities who juggles multiple contracts and always feels rushed, it isn’t easy to ensure every meal is healthy. With limited time to prepare meals (even though I greatly enjoy it!), Kerri’s Roots of Health Whole Foods Delivery Service helps to cover the gaps. Her menu changes with the seasons and reflects her own food adventures. When I realize I need to eat and it’s too late to make something, it’s great to open the fridge to freshly prepared fish, chicken, salads and whatever else was ordered for the week!’

- Sasha, Toronto

Kerri’s whole food delivery service is a fantastic life saver. It allows me to offer my family (2 picky children included) healthy, delicious, home cooked meals without devoting hours of precious time in the kitchen. I now have more time with my family and I have confidence that we are getting nutritious, tasty and inspired meals that everyone enjoys.

- Mary, Toronto