Nutritionally prepared meals, using:

  • Grass fed beef & poultry (animal raised on grass, free from antibiotics, hormones and ethically raised on Ontario small farms)
  • Local and seasonal organic produce whenever it’s possible!
  • Gelatin rich homemade bone broth using bones (and certified organic chicken feet) from healthy naturally raised and organic animals from small local farmers.
  • Pastured eggs (hens living on grass, producing healthy, deeply orange pigmented yolks)
  • High quality pantry ingredients (coconut oil, non GMO raw sunflower oil from Ontario, Italian pure olive oil, fermented apple cider vinegar, unrefined sea salt, etc).
  • Everything is made from scratch. No preservatives, no artificial ingredients and no refined sugars are used.
  • Non-soy tempeh made locally from ‘Culture City’ in Toronto
  • Only certified organic corn & soy (non GMO)

Service Includes:

  • Freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner options to last the week
  • Meals prepared and delivered fresh to your home or office in glass re-usable, recyclable, and compostable containers
  • Naturally gluten & dairy free menu
  • Free Delivery in Toronto
  • New menu each week.
  • No commitment to order, just order when you like!

Posted on Wednesday July 06, 2011 by Kerri Cooper